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Functional, Fun, Fantastic

A.T.A is proud to offer a variety of products that provide both form and function to your vehicle. Do you have a truck and need some steps? We have everything from low-profile OEM running boards to high-tech AMP power-steps. Do you have trouble seeing at night? Let us install some LED headlamps that will light up the road and keep you safe. Call or come visit our location to learn about the full range of products that will enhance your vehicle.

Exterior Accessories: Services

Steps and Running Boards

When you need that extra step to get in your truck or SUV, A.T.A. is ready with best-in-class steps and running boards. Whether you’re looking for something sleek or for a high-tech solution, our professional installation will have you ready to ride in no time.

Brush Guards

No Texas truck or SUV is complete without a brush guard. A.T.A.’s professional installers will make sure that you and your vehicle are secure when you encounter Texas wildlife on your next road trip.


Let ATA help you keep your groceries dry, equipment secure, and the truck bed by installing a premium bedcover.

Premium Headlights

Are your headlights leaving you in the dark? Let A.T.A. install new LED headlights that will light up the dark and keep you safe on night drives or in inclement weather

Exterior Accessories: Services
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